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Inclusion B’ Kavod

 Kindness, Acceptance, Visibility, Opportunity and Dignity


Welcome to the Inclusion B’Kavod

Mission/Vision Web Page:


After you review our Mission and Vision  Statements for Inclusion B’Kavod, click  to learn more about the programs that we can provide for our Ohev Shalom Community.

The Inclusion B’Kavod Committee was formed in 2011 to explore ways to make Ohev Shalom a more inclusive community.  We have chosen the concept of Kavod to represent our purpose, it encompasses:

Kindness, Acceptance, Visibility, Opportunity and Dignity –  for all. 

Please explore our information and resources.  If you are interested in joining our committee, please contact Celebrations@ohev.org

Inclusion B’Kavod Mission Statement:

To ensure that all members of Congregation Ohev Shalom of Bucks County are able to participate meaningfully in all spiritual, educational, celebratory, and life event activities at the synagogue.

 Inclusion B’Kavod Vision Statement:

The Inclusion B’Kavod Committee will pursue its mission by:

            1) Identifying and supporting special needs in the community.

            2) Educating lay leaders, staff, and congregants.

            3) Facilitating necessary changes by working within Ohev Shalom and collaborating with the community at large.                                                                                     

Synagogue Wide Commitment:

 Ohev Shalom celebrates the uniqueness of each individual and welcomes diversity within our sacred community.