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Youth Groups

The youth groups at Ohev Shalom provide children and teens opportunities to get together, have a great time, and make new Jewish friends. Throughout the years, our youth groups have modeled excellence in programming and have achieved recognition on a regional level. Our activities are made possible through the collaboration of our youth director, children and teens, and parents (Jennifer Cheifetz and Barry Dratch, Youth Commission Co-Chairs). We welcome YOU to lend a hand and share your ideas!

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Kadima Chaverim Calendar

Our three youth groups are:

Our Youth Department is affiliated with the Department of Youth Activities of the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism and is part of the Hagesher Region serving central the Greater Philadelphia area and Central New Jersey. We have sister chapters all across the United States and Canada. The youth group presents numerous opportunities for informal Jewish education. Through discussions, movies, guest speakers, drama, cooking, arts and crafts, community service, and more, our young people stay connected with the Jewish community and aspire to positions of leadership and to engage in ongoing Jewish learning.

Send an email to: Barry Dratch and Jen Cheifetz, our Youth Co-Chairs

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What is an Ohev Shalom Youth Group?

  • It is a distinctly Jewish group composed exclusively of Jewish youth whose primary purpose is to serve as a place where Jewish youth can meet.
  • It is an organization / club that is dedicated to the perpetuation of the Jewish people.
  • It is a well-organized group that is supervised by qualified professionals who work together with lay leadership and parents.
  • It is a group whose activities reflect the varied interests of its membership.
  • It is a group that reflects and adheres to the standards, philosophy and objectives of its local/national parent organization.
  • It is dedicated to developing the leadership potential of each member.
  • It is a group that fosters community and encourages its members to work together for a common purpose.
  • It is a program that effectively supplements its members’ Jewish education and develops their understanding and appreciation for Jewish history, traditions and the State of Israel.
  • It is committed to the endurance of the Jewish values of G’milut Chasadim – acts of loving kindness – and Tzorchai Tzibur – recognition of the individual’s responsibility to the community.
  • It is a positive Jewish influence in the lives of children and teens, molds future leaders of the Jewish community, and helps to ensure the continuity of the Jewish people and our heritage.

Chaverim, 3rd and 4th grades

What Ohev Shalom’s Chaverim group will holds about one event each month. Its activities typically are scheduled in coordination with the children’s Religious School hours and provide an atmosphere where friendships can grow.

Sample Activities

Miniature Golf, Sleepovers, Ice Skating, Tie-Dye and Ice Cream, Movie Nights, Field Trips to Museums and Amusement Parks, and others.

Youth activities are held in as well as outside of the synagogue, and we sometimes have opportunities to meet children from other synagogues so we can make new friends.


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Kadima, 5th through 7th grades

What Our Kadima group has been chosen often as the Delaware Valley Region’s “Chapter of the Year.” We are very proud of this fact. Kadima members participate in about two events per month, including chapter, county and regional events. The schedule is very exciting and includes social activities, sports, holiday celebrations, arts and crafts, and a regional Shabbat experience.

Sample Activities

Rafting down the Delaware, Sukkot Luncheon, Regional Shabbaton, Mystery Bus Ride, Theater Day, Chanukah Show and Dinner, Ice Skating, Game Night, Regional joint events with other Kadima Chapters, Regional closing trip, Chapter closing trip to an amusement park.

While many of our events are held in the synagogue, we will travel to many places where “fun” can be found. Some of our chapter events, as well as Regional events, are held in other synagogues. It is a real plus for our children to make connections with children across the Delaware Valley.


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USY, 8th through 12th grades

What Ohev Shalom’s USY chapter has received numerous awards over the years. For example, we were recognized in the Delaware Valley region as the “largest chapter” and “chapter of the year” and have received awards for our excellent programming. USY offers members the chance to hang out with their Jewish friends and make new Jewish friends and to explore their Jewish identity through social, cultural, educational, and social action programming. Our colorful youth lounge is like a second home!

Sample Activities

Rafting down the Delaware, Kickoff Dance, Leadership training Institute Weekend, Turkey Trot Dance, New Member Breakfast, Fall Convention, monthly visits to Attleboro Nursing Home, International Convention, Mystery Bus Ride, Social Action Programs, Hayride, Four Chapter Joint Shabbaton, Sleepovers, Spring Convention, closing trip down the shore, and Oneg Shabbat Services.

Activities, board meetings, general meetings, and guest speakers are scheduled throughout the year.


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