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Adult Education and Continuous Learning at Ohev Shalom

Our GOAL is to create an Education/Continuous Learning program at Ohev for the entire congregation, one which is inclusive and multi-generational. 

Our Education and Continuous learning programs will focus on Jewish Values and traditions in everyday life.

A sneak peek of a few plans for 2023/2024 (in no specific order)

  1. A wonderful “family” and community event that is specifically geared to Chanukah. LegoMan will be coming to Ohev Saturday evening, 2nd night of Hanukkah. He will bring 100,000 legos, a multi-generation program for grandparents, parents and children.  Together we will build a menorah reaching 14th feet tall.  Cantor Annelise will begin with Havdalah, and throughout our time together we will sing Hanukah songs, dance and create a room filled with love and ruach.  A Jewish Learning Experience for both children and adults.
  2. Marilyn Goldman will be returning to do her talk on Golda Meir in April . Marilyn talks are so alive and real one might think the individual is present in the room with you. She shares stories that few know or ever heard of about this person.  Always an exciting time when Marilyn visits Ohev Shalom.  This will be presented to the HS children and the entire congregation. 
  3. Together with Men’s club, Sisterhood and Congregation on April 14, 2024 we will be presenting Bootleggers and Bawdy Houses: Crime in the Early 20th Century Philadelphia. Our speaker Sharon Taylor will share her family story and the steps she took to discover the truth. She will highlight some of Philadelphia’s most notorious Jewish mobsters from the Prohibition era.
  4. Cantor Annelise will be conducting four classes, “Cooking with Cantor.” The class is set to connect our Jewish identities through food, through classic staples, and through beloved family recipes. There will be four classes: challah, bagels, bourekas and tabouleh, and hamantashen.

Contact Linda Springer for more information

Tue, April 23 2024 15 Nisan 5784