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Gesher Room Mission Statement:  To engage and support all students at their levels as they demonstrate basic Hebrew decoding/reading skills including Hebrew letter, vowel recognition and prayer (t’fillah) skills.

An interactive multi-sensory approach engaging students to achieve success.
When an IEP or 504 Plan is shared, a specially designed program will be implemented.

Skills taught via Gesher Room
Hebrew letter identification and corresponding sounds.  Hebrew vowel identification and corresponding sounds.
Identifying and reading Hebrew letters that look alike. Identifying and reading Hebrew letters and vowels that sound alike. Identifying and reading 5 Final Hebrew letters. Reading multisyllabic words with accuracy and fluency.
Introduction of common prayer/T’filah words.

Our Bmitzvah program usually begins in 6th grade and continues through the end of 7th grade. Our unique program includes Hebrew School/Tichon, Moving Traditions Workshops, BMitzvah training with Cantor Annelise, a D’var Torah Workshop with Rabbi, hessed project, service sign up and more.  Tichon 7th grade attendance post Bmitzvah is expected.

Click on the link below to access Cantor Annelise’s T’fillah recordings!


Tue, April 23 2024 15 Nisan 5784