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Interfaith Family Welcome

Ohev Shalom’s door is always open to interfaith families, the LBGT community or other individuals seeking a spiritual, inclusive home.   Come join us!


Ohev Shalom

Welcoming to All Kinds of Families

The importance of tradition is to ensure it is carried into the next generation and beyond.  At Ohev Shalom, we recognize that the face of American Judaism is changing and that interfaith families are a critical part of who we are.  The Ohev community is committed to integrating interfaith families into the fabric of our synagogue.  While Rabbi  Perlstein and Cantor Annelise  do not officiate at interfaith marriages. they both lead our community in our outreach towards interfaith couples and families

Our goal is to ensure that challenges historically inherent in making a religious home comfortable to families of more than one faith are addressed so that all feel welcome and embraced.

Talk to Us

From our Sunday School to adult education and across social activities, Ohev Shalom clergy, staff and congregant leadership are available to talk with you about your concerns and thoughts for more effective interfaith family integration.

Members of interfaith families serve on our leadership committees and volunteer in a range of capacities across community life.  We want our members and their families, both nuclear and extended, to embrace the synagogue as their second home, and we know that the only way to accomplish this is to open our arms first.

Come talk with us!

Celebrate with Us

Simchas, happy events, are a time for our community to come together and celebrate as a community.  These times are meant to offer good memories for all.  At Ohev Shalom we are committed to providing social, fun, educational and religious events for everyone to experience.

Come Celebrate with Us!

Worship with Us

Ohev Shalom is committed to engaging interfaith families who want to participate and enrich themselves through Jewish worship and religious observance.  We provide educational and cultural workshops that support non-Jewish partner learning in a warm and welcoming environment.  Our goal is to support religious observance that works for individual families, by recognizing that Jewish home life takes many rich and rewarding shapes and forms.

Come Worship with Us!