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Hebrew School/Tichon at Ohev

A warm welcome to Hebrew School and Tichon (middle/high school) at Ohev! 

We invite prospective families/students to learn more about our inclusive school community.

Call 215-322-9597 or email bglickman@ohev.org for more information!

Complimentary membership for families whose oldest child has not entered 3rd grade.  Complimentary Hebrew School for all members until student reaches 4th grade!

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Our vision:  The Ohev Shalom Hebrew School seeks to contribute to the formation of a positive Jewish identity within each child through imparting Jewish values, knowledge and skills while fostering a love of Israel and the Jewish people. The Hebrew School comprises a learning community that strives to be inclusive, warm, and affirming.


  • Our supplementary Hebrew/Religious School program provides Jewish education for children in prekindergarten through tenth grade.
  • The course of study offered delivers interactive, academic and experiential knowledge of Jewish tradition, culture, prayer, history and Torah.
  • Curriculum is designed to develop fluency in reading Hebrew, comfort and familiarity with the Siddur (prayer book), Jewish liturgy, and a basic understanding of prayers.


  • Experiential, developmentally appropriate Sunday program for PreGan (Preschool/PreKindergarten), Gan (Kindergarten), Kesher (First Grade) and Mechina (Second Grade).  The classes meet for two and a half hours on Sunday mornings.
  • The four-year Hebrew School program (Third through Sixth Grades) is open to the children of Ohev Shalom members. Students attend two days a week (Wednesday afternoon and Sunday morning) for a total of 5 hours.
  • Tichon at Ohev, our Hebrew Middle/High program, for 7th, 8th and 9th grade meets once a week, usually on Wednesday evenings for 2 hours and includes a light dinner!  Tichon 7th grade is required for BMitzvah.
  • Occasional trips on Sunday as well as other holiday programming may fall on a different weekday.
  • Confirmation for 10th grade meets with Rabbi Perlstein and Cantor Annelise on Wednesday evenings.


  • Supplements and reinforces classroom learning.
  • Experiential and meaningful.
  • Encourages participation and involvement in the Jewish community.
  • Specials including music and trope with Cantor Annelise Ocanto-Romo, and library plus other featured programs.
  • Featured programs include My Tree Israel, Bucks County Beekeepers Association, Olive Oil Press Workshop, Israel programming, petting zoo, Art in the Pod, and many others.
  • The entire school visits the Jewish Relief Agency warehouse in Philadelphia to pack and distribute food for those in need.


  • Based on the spiral curricular concept in which students visit similar areas of study each school year but on an increasingly sophisticated and theme based level.
  • Our goal is to continually challenge our students to understand concepts more deeply; we facilitate their religious and spiritual growth and development, and share with them the joy and excitement of Jewish living.



  • Students entering Aleph (3rd Grade class) begin a more intensive course of study, approximately half of which is dedicated to learning how to read, decode and pray in Hebrew.
  • Once Hebrew decoding is introduced, the focus turns to familiarization of the Friday night and Shabbat morning services.
  • Basic prayer themes, key words and chants associated with each prayer are learned.
  • The meanings of words and prayer are evaluated and shared.
  • The long-term goal of our Hebrew/Tefillah (prayer) curriculum is to enable our students to walk into any Conservative synagogue and find the place in the Siddur (prayer book) during a service.
  • In addition to the Friday night and Shabbat morning services, students study some other prayers associated with holidays, life cycle events, and home rituals. 
  • Hebrew Through Movement, a total physical response approach to learning the Hebrew language is used with our younger classes.


Gesher Room Mission Statement:  To engage and support all students at their levels as they demonstrate basic Hebrew decoding/reading skills including Hebrew letter, vowel recognition and prayer (t’fillah) skills.

An interactive multi-sensory approach engaging students to achieve success.
When an IEP or 504 Plan is shared, a specially designed program will be implemented.

Skills taught via Gesher Room
Hebrew letter identification and corresponding sounds.  Hebrew vowel identification and corresponding sounds.
Identifying and reading Hebrew letters that look alike. Identifying and reading Hebrew letters and vowels that sound alike. Identifying and reading 5 Final Hebrew letters. Reading multisyllabic words with accuracy and fluency.
Introduction of common prayer/T’filah words.

Click on the link below to access Cantor Annelise’s T’fillah recordings!

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  • An interactive, experiential Hebrew Middle/High School program which is geared towards students in 7th through 10th grades.  Special programs and field trips make Judaism experiential for our teens.  Our 7th grade curriculum includes also Holocaust studies through a Jewish perspective and a trip to the National Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC.
  • Full year 7th grade attendance required for BMitzvah.  Effective July 1, 2021 if a student’s BMitzah occurs during the second half of 8th grade, Tichon 8th grade attendance is required. 
  • Meets Wednesday evenings from 6:30-8:30PM and includes a light dinner.  Occasional classes or trips may take place on Sunday or another weekday.
  • Ohev Shalom 10th graders in the Confirmation Class, attend a weekly session with Rabbi Perlstein and Cantor Ocanto-Romo on Wednesday evenings and occasionally participate in Tichon special programs.


The Hebrew School and Tichon faculties consists of:

  • Knowledgeable, experienced and passionate teachers who engage the students in enjoyable and enriching learning experiences, while strengthening relationships throughout our community.
  • Teachers who know how to make Judaism come alive in the classroom and connect with their students to provide meaningful learning experiences.
  • Teen assistants, madrichim, who are knowledgeable and passionate about Judaism and are role models for students.
  • Ohev Shalom is committed to providing a high quality, experiential and meaningful Jewish education in a warm and nurturing environment.

Barbara Glickman, Education Director

Since 2013, Barbara Glickman has been the Education Director at Ohev Shalom of Bucks County, where she began her career, teaching preschool and 2nd grade religious school.  She has also worked closely with the synagogue’s Education Committee to help shape the school’s curriculum, policies and overall program. Barbara earned a Masters Degree in Jewish Communal Service from Gratz College in 2018, where she was a mid-career fellow, graduated with honors, and was awarded the graduate prize in Hebraic studies. Most recently, Barbara is a member of the 2021/22 Pardes Institute Senior Educators Fellowship cohort.  She also participated in the second cohort of Spertus Institutes’ Certificate in Jewish Leadership for Educators and is proud to hold a certificate in virtual facilitation from The Institute for Experiential Jewish Education – M2. Barbara has a Bachelor’s in Psychology from Temple University and studied towards an M.B.A. at Philadelphia University. Barbara prides herself on creating experiential, engaging and inclusive programs and learning opportunities.  She loves accompanying her own family as well as the Ohev Shalom community on their Jewish educational journey.

Morah Denise KaplanDenise Kaplan, PreGan PreKindergarten.  Denise enrolled her children in a Jewish pre-school and was immediately drawn in to the world of Jewish education.  It has become her lifelong career and passion as she has been teaching in a Jewish setting for 25 plus years.  She is thrilled to start her fourth year in a new career setting with the Hebrew/Religious School.  She graduated from Georgetown University and William Paterson University, where she earned masters credits and a teaching certificate for early childhood.  Her philosophy centers on developmentally appropriate expectations of children.  It is her hope to facilitate a love of Judaism and a sense of community while introducing Jewish content to young children.

Bari Jacobson, Gan Kindergarten. grew up in Springfield Township, Montgomery County, where my family has been active in their synagogue for over 40 years. I was Bat Mitzvah and confirmed there and then continued my Jewish education at Gratz Hebrew High School. My husband and I moved to Holland, Bucks County 6 years ago. We have two beautiful children, Dylan & Ryan. I hold a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education and an undergraduate degree in Sports and Recreation Management. I am currently in my 5th year as a Parent Ambassador for jkidphilly where I plan events for local families ranging from playground playdates to community service events and everything in between. This year, I am also the Coordinator of the jkidphilly Get Together Grants. During the summer I work at Briarwood Day Camp, where I am a camp counselor. This will be my 6th summer. I have over 10 years of experience working with children of all ages in various capacities. Over the years I have held several teaching positions from head preschool teacher to substitute teacher. I love working with children and am excited to be teaching at Ohev Shalom! 

Robin Duretz, Mechina 2nd grade

Robin has been a Hebrew School teacher for 20 years as well as a preschool teacher for the past 20 years. Additionally for the past 20 years, she has worked with young children in a day camp setting. She has taught Sunday school to various grades including first and second, at local Bucks County synagogues. Robin is married for 30 years and has two children who are both college graduates. Her daughter Morgan is a teacher assistant and starting a masters program in special education, and her son Max works for Disney World in photography and as a sports mascot in the Orlando area. Robin is excited to a part of the Ohev Hebrew School team for the third year, and can’t imagine doing anything more rewarding than working with young children all year long!

 pictureDena Rosenblatt, Aleph 3rd grade

Dena is a graduate of Penn State University and certified in early childhood and elementary education. She has been teaching for 29 years. Currently Dena teaches PreK at Temple Beth Am.  Dena is also a graduate of Gratz Hebrew High School and earned a teaching certificate.  She is starting her 10th year teaching at Ohev Shalom. Dena taught Hebrew school for 12 years at Har Zion Temple in Gladwynne. During the past 19 summers, Dena is a senior counselor to 5 & 6 year old boys  at Camp America Day Camp.  She is married for 28 years and has 2 amazing children, Melissa, an elementary school teacher, and Brett who is starting Graduate studies in Clinical Psychology at Chestnut Hill.  Dena is also involved with the Special Olympics and with “Celebrations!” a program sponsored by Ohev Shalom’s inclusion committee.   These two volunteer activities make her very happy. Dena is also an animal lover and has 3 cats that were rescued from shelters. Teaching has made a huge impact on her life and she hopes that she has done the same for her students. Dena feels blessed to be able to do what she loves most which is being able to work with children and make a difference in their young lives.

 11539774_10200657980887408_4108857468960657922_nGalit Barzeski, Bet 4th grade

Galit received her BA in Jewish Studies and a Certificate of Special Education in Jewish Studies from Gratz College. She has worked for several area schools including Perelman Jewish Day School as an Assistant Hebrew Teacher where she was for 11 years.  Galit mainly worked in the lower grades teaching Jewish Holidays, Hebrew language and traditions.  She also taught Hebrew at Gratz College Ulpan for adults, which was mainly conversational Hebrew and grammar. She is very excited to begin her 10th year teaching at Ohev Shalom Hebrew/Religious School.  She enjoys working with the kids and sharing with them her love of Judaism and Israel.

Lori Doneson, Bet 4th grade

Lori is an honors graduate of Temple University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Education, majoring in Elementary and Early Childhood. She currently hold a Pennsylvania dual certification in Elementary and Early Childhood Education. Since graduation, she has been a substitute teacher for K-6 at local school districts. Most recently, she has been a Hebrew school teacher since 2015 and taught various age groups between PreK – 4th grades. She is also a preschool teacher at Shir Ami Early Learning Center where she teaches an adorable group of 3 year olds! This is her first year teaching at Ohev.  Lori plays the clarinet in a couple local community bands. In addition to the clarinet, she can play the Saxophone and Piano (beginner level). She hopes to have fun with her students learning and embracing Judaism as she always enjoyed learning about Jewish culture as a student and wants to share that love with others!

 mlambMarla Gelfont, Gimel 5th grade

Marla earned a Masters of Jewish Liberal Studies in 1997 and earned 30 credits past her Master’s.  Coursework included the study of the Holocaust.  She also studied Secondary Education Foreign Language at Temple University with a Pennsylvania certification to teach Spanish and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Education in 1990.  She graduated Gratz Hebrew High School in 1985.  Marla has been teaching Hebrew school since 1987 and has been with Ohev Shalom since 1997.  During the school year, Marla is a Spanish teacher at Northeast High School and has been with the Philadelphia School District since 1990.  Her passion is Spin so she teaches three cycle classes per week at LA Fitness.

11070646_10152785176876279_2015985625_oAnnie Bloom, Aleph 3rd grade

Annie Bloom has been teaching at Ohev Hebrew School for ten years including second, third, fifth grades, and most recently, sixth grade Jewish studies.  She is excited to return to third grade!  During the school year Annie teaches preschool at a local synagogue.  Annie graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from Philadelphia College of Textile and Science (Philadelphia University) and obtained her CDA (child development associate) in October 2014.  She also was confirmed and attended Gratz College to further her Jewish Studies. Previously, Annie taught Parent/Child classes and Sunday school at Beth Israel of Chester County.   Annie resides in Southampton and is married to Eric. Annie has three children, Andrew (married to Stephanie), Lauren who is engaged to David, Brian and a granddaughter, Laila as well as a rescue puppy Bailey 

Leah Abrams, Daled 6th grade Hebrew/T’fillah
My name is Leah Abrams. I’m from Springfield, Montgomery County, PA, and grew up at BTBJ, where I currently work as a preschool teacher. I went to Temple University for undergrad, and have a Bachelor’s in Social Work, and Brandeis University in Waltham, MA, for graduate school and have a MBA in Social Policy.  Throughout my career working in the nonprofit sector, I have taught religious school at various synagogues. 
gold picSuzanne Gold, Inclusion Facilitator
Suzanne collaborates and partners with the Education Director; Staff; families and clergy to design appropriate, supportive environments and accommodations for students in need of specially designed instruction.  She reviews existing student’s Individual Educational Plans (IEP), 504 Plans and Individual Health Plans that are shared by families and collaborate with teachers to design Hebrew School Action Plans (HSAP).  Additionally, she works closely with the madrachim (teen assistants) to help implement a meaningful, positive program for identified students.  Suzanne is also the Celebrations! @Ohev  Program Coordinator  Celebrations! @Ohev meets monthly for children designed  with cognitive, neuro-behavioral, sensory or physical disorders.  Suzanne contributes to JkidAcess.org preparing material about Jewish Holidays and Values.  She also presents professional development for Jewish Learning Venture making the classroom inclusive for all students within their sacred communities.  Suzanne is a retired Demonstration Special Education teacher for the School District of Philadelphia.  She has enjoyed teaching students diagnosed with a diverse levels of disabilities, including students diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder, ADD/ADHD, and developmental and intellectual disabilities.  She and her husband Larry are members of Ohev Shalom for over 3 decades.  Her children Ariel and Jeffrey attended Hebrew School and Confirmed at Ohev Shalom.

Carolyn Savitzky, Tichon 7th grade

Carolyn began teaching religious school in 1988 while earning her teaching certification from the South Jersey Bureau of Jewish Education. Carolyn enjoys teaching students of all ages, from pre-school through adult and has worked at a number of synagogue schools in the region. Carolyn also serves as an Ohev Shalom B’nai Mitzvah tutor during Cantor Annelise Ocanto-Romo’s maternity leaves. Carolyn and her husband are members of Or Hadash in Fort Washington, PA, where she teaches on Sundays, tutors b’nai mitzvah students and serves on the Board of Directors. She is also active in Hadassah and chairs the Bux-Mont Neighborhood Kehillah. Carolyn looks forward to her third year at Ohev Shalom teaching Tichon, 7thgrade on Wednesday evenings.

Melissa Rosenblatt, Tichon 8th/9th grade

Melissa graduated from West Chester University in 2017 with a Bachelors degree in Elementary Education with a minor in Literacy. In addition, she is a graduate of Gratz Hebrew High School. Melissa is currently working as a permanent substitute in the Council Rock School District. Over the summer, she works as a senior counselor at Camp America Day Camp, where she has been going every summer for 19 years. Melissa lives at home with her mom, dad and brother Brett, along with 3 cats. Melissa has been a member of Ohev Shalom since she was in Aleph (3rd grade) and finds it amazing to have the opportunity to work where she once was a student and is fortunate to be working with Tichon on Wednesday’s.

11665736_10207083424141203_1274467466332285535_nShari Williams, HS Administrative Assistant

Shari is an attorney by day, specializing in family matters.  Originally from Lower Moreland, she relocated to Florida and taught Hebrew School 7th grade.  Upon moving to Charlotte, NC she taught 5th grade Jewish Studies and Hebrew High school at her synagogue.  In 2011 Shari returned to Bucks County and began working at Ohev as the Hebrew School administrative assistant. 

In memory of
11796414_10206443515793991_6755714875407694557_nMichele Fields z”l, our beloved Gan/Kesher Kindergarten 1st Grade


Ohev Shalom celebrates the uniqueness of each individual and family, and welcomes diversity within our sacred community.


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